My newfound side hustle.

During the COVID-19  pandemic, being on lockdown in the UK meant I had some extra time to kill. Like many others I thought I would put this newly found time to teach myself something totally new. Cycling has always had a strong presence in my life. From sitting on my dads top tube as a kid and steering for him so he could roll cigarettes. To a bike being my only form of transport whilst at university. Right up to today where I use the bike to explore off the beaten tracks in the countryside, making the bike do all the hard work and carry the gear needed for multiday trips.

From this Byway was born. With plenty of small independent bag makers out there these days, I don't think I bring anything particularly new to the table. Just handmade, hard wearing bags that should be able to withstand a fair amount of abuse, whilst looking good too.

It's something I get a real sense of joy out of, riding with the bags I've made myself and I hope you get the same enjoyment as I do out of them.

Get in touch through Instagram, or email me at to discuss custom orders.

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